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Seasons of Life

We have recently sold our house.  We lived across the road for 15 years and in our current home for 7.  It's a warm friendly place on the banks of the river in  the western suburbs of Brisbane.  Nearly everyone who visits remarks on the positive feelings that they experience when they visit.  No doubt this is a reflection of Angela's purpose of Rejuvenating Spirit.  Once a large family home, we (mainly Angela)  ran it for some time as a B&B.  some time ago, we closed it to concentrate more…

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Being Compassionate

In a recent coaching session, a client wished to spend time on discovering her purpose.  After taking her through our tools and processes she quickly decided that her purpose was Being Compassionate.  As a test of her purpose statement she was readily able to apply it across the various aspects of her life which we call "life accounts". After the session, as part of my follow-up coaching notes, I sent this email to her. Dear XXXX" Your purpose is like a homing beacon or a…

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Igniting Enthusiasm

Welcome to my first blog. Central to my work in coaching and facilitating strategic thinking and business building workshops,  is helping individuals and organisations discover their purpose.  This is their reason for being - why they or their business exists.  Two weeks ago I attended a Coaching Conference at Sydney University.  For most of the conference I kept pretty much to myself but had several very meaningful conversations in the breaks.  On the second (and last lunch break) I was sitting outside by a wall warming myself in the Sydney's…

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