Being Compassionate

In a recent coaching session, a client wished to spend time on discovering her purpose.  After taking her through our tools and processes she quickly decided that her purpose was Being Compassionate.  As a test of her purpose statement she was readily able to apply it across the various aspects of her life which we call “life accounts”. After the session, as part of my follow-up coaching notes, I sent this email to her.


Your purpose is like a homing beacon or a light house. It keeps you on course and on-purpose day by day. Whenever the going gets rough or when the storms of life hit, your purpose will always keep you on track. You may trip, stumble or fall, along the way but your purpose always brings you back on course. Remember the light switch on the On-Purpose Logo. A switch is turned on or off at your choosing. You can choose to live on-purpose or off-purpose. Your purpose is your spiritual DNA and comes from the heart. It is your reason for being. You only have one purpose and it brings meaning to your personal and professional life, day-by-day.You shared with me today how it worked in your business life as well as in the community, with your family, friends and even financially. Let it be the first thing you think about each morning and the last thing you reflect upon at night. You can wake up and thank God for the opportunity of a new day to be on-purpose across all life areas and before retiring ask yourself the question – What were three ways I lived out my purpose today? Your purpose is God’s calling on your life. Test it out over the next few weeks. As we discussed today, purpose is not what you “do” but rather who you “be”. It’s possible to do much in life but be zilch as a person. That’s why we are called human “beings” and not human “doings”

I exist to serve by Being Compassionate.

So how does it feel to reduce your life purpose to two words? – Small enough to fit onto a Tshirt or on a grave stone but big enough to make a difference to humanity for the rest of your life. An Awesome concept isn’t it?”

It is always fulfilling and thrilling to help someone find their purpose.  Do you know your purpose?  Nothing gives more power and intention to your life than discovering your purpose and living it out seven days a week.