Are you stuck, frustrated about your business progress and cash flow, sick of chasing your tail, working flat out in your business instead of on it? Or maybe you lack focus and don’t have a plan or strategy. Often, I come across business owners who are stuck because of some of these situations. There may be other challenges that are holding you back, slowing you down, or keeping you from implementing your goals and vision. You know what they are – they could be business related or personal. Whatever your situation, I’m confident of being able to give you the help you are seeking. Why, because I have coached and mentored over a 1000 business owners and organisations over the past 20 years to help them overcome their challenges and to get the results they are seeking.  Here are just some ways that I can partner with you.

1. Clarify your direction

Clarify your direction so that you have a crystal-clear Purpose and vision for your business and teach you how to set & IMPLEMENT goals that will very rarely fail. Having a Purpose that anchors you, a vision that inspires you and goals that give you focus and energy are game changing…and transformational.

2. Strategise your actions

Strategise your actions by developing a 12-month action plan for your business. We will also scale this into a 90-day plan so that you have clear goals, targets, KPI’s and action steps so that you will know what you are doing every week to achieve your vision and goals. This will give you clarity, confidence, and energy because you have a plan to follow and because you are on-purpose.

3. Upgrade your business skills

Upgrade your business skills so that you are not spinning your wheels, wasting valuable time and being left frustrated. This will mean you have the business skills that you require both now and into the future. Here are some of the skills gaps we can work on together if required.

  • Building leadership capacity and capability in line with your goals to be more strategic and efficient as a business leader.
  • Developing and implementing goals that work (Including the psychology behind goal setting)
  • Reviewing and prioritising your existing services and pricing in line with market research, your niche market and distribution channels.
  • Developing financial forecasting, budgeting and monthly fiscal management habits in line with the Vision and Goals. It will be essential to understand and monitor your ‘financial dashboard’.
  • Reviewing your current marketing plan and develop a marketing action plan that is consistent, targeted, and relevant to your customer personas and the customer journey.
  • Reviewing and improving your Time Management and develop an action plan that will see you increasingly move from working in the business to be the manager of your business.
  • Other activities and processes that may emerge as important to develop and implement include risk and contingency management and action planning.

4. Keeping you On-Track

As you know, life consistently throws us ‘curve balls’ and it is easy to get side-tracked and to lose sight of your Purpose, Vision, Missions, Values and Goals. As your coach, advisor and mentor, I will be your accountability partner and ensure that you stay on track and on-purpose. I have often seen business owners poleaxed by a major event which has resulted in personal and business regression and depression. Having an experienced life coach as your business coach is a tremendous advantage in this situation.

5. Mastering your psychology

Mastering your psychology is crucial to you achieving your Vision and goals and getting the results you want for your business. Your Inner Critic and unhelpful thinking patterns can play havoc with you and your business unless you develop strategies to deal with the negative stuff that often contributes to holding you back, slowing you down or stopping you from achieving your Vision and Goals.  In fact, research tells us that being able to master your psychology accounts for more than 60% of business success.   Getting and staying ‘unstuck’ is vital to personal and business breakthroughs and as an experienced coach accredited by the international coach federation and the author of the book Broken to Whole: How to put Humpty together again, you can be confident in my expertise in helping you overcome self-sabotage.