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A very different Christmas

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This year will be a different and special Christmas for me. On the 24th of September I was informed that I have Stage 4 pancreatic cancer! Naturally, that news came as a huge shock to me and my family and friends. As I write this, I am undergoing my 5th Chemo treatment. I’m pleased to report that despite the prognosis, progress is positive, and the cancer is currently regressing making it possible for me to proactively engage with life. This includes socialising, gardening, being able…

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Taking stock of your career in uncertain times

Unexpected events and uncertain times can disturb or invite. They jolt us out of our comfort zone disturbing our equanimity. They also provide us with the opportunity to take stock of our careers and lives – to ask searching questions about what is important and what matters most. Perhaps you might also be asking yourself what you really want your future career to look, sound and be like. Possibly amidst these thoughts and periods of deep introspection about your career and life generally, you are…

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Are you setting conflicting goals?

  In our desire to develop, grow and change we sometimes unknowingly set conflicting goals. It is as if we have one foot on the accelerator and another on the brake. We end up stationery, unable to proactively move forward with the change we are seeking. I think there are two types of goals that conflict – one type I’ll call objective, extrinsic or technical and the other subjective, intrinsic or what Lisa Lahey1 refers to as adaptive. Both can be conscious or unconscious though…

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Overcoming procrastination now!

In Part 1 of this article I explored the psychology and neuroscience behind procrastination to help us understand why we procrastinate. I also discussed the high cost that procrastination can have in our lives and businesses, especially in preventing us from setting and keeping goals. Our health, happiness, finances, self-worth, relationships and our dreams are all negatively impacted when we take little or no action on our hearts desires and the things that really give us meaning and fulfilment. As previously noted, numerous books and…

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Understanding procrastination now!

In a recent article I suggested that you reflect on the ‘big rocks’ in your life or business and on how to ensure you schedule your priorities by putting them in ‘The Jar’ first. At a personal level, these might be a project that YOU want to accomplish: time with your loved ones, faith issues, your education, your finances, a cause, or teaching or mentoring others. For many business owners it might be a goal or key driver for your business. The point was to…

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