Dr Edward Gifford as Your Key Note Speaker

Based at Coomera between the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland Dr Edward Gifford has over 35 years’ experience in public and motivational speaking working with a range of audiences in the Business, Corporate, Education and Government Sectors.

As well as an engaging, informative and inspiring speaker, Edward is a coach, facilitator and author. His specialist consulting services focuses on business development for SME’s; team building; workplace cultures, careers and executive coaching; and building leadership capacity and capability with Managers and Business Owners.

Keynote Addresses and Conference Addresses

Tough Times Never Last but On-Purpose Businesses Do
Most business owners have learned to operate within the current business paradigms and focus on the best they can do within their known thinking and experience. In this address Edward will present a new approach to business in the 21st Century which will help solve many of the existing challenges in doing business. Learn how to make your business more meaningful and enjoyable; ensure that everyone is doing business ‘on the same page’; better serve your customers and yourself; discover the DNA of your business and do more of what you do best more profitably.

How to develop, engage and motivate resilient teams that thrive in ‘topsy-turvey’ times
Why do 90% of Australians say that they work in cultures of negativity and fear? Can we compete in a Global market when 75% of Australian workers either hate or are ambivalent about their work? Our current approaches to leadership and management are unworkable and unsustainable. We need a new vision and a new approach to building meaningful and effective workplace cultures. In this address Dr Gifford will outline:

  • A clear understanding of how the world of work is changing and that the workplaces of the future will only be effective if built on the understanding of shared purpose and values, and an agreement of core beliefs about the nature of humanity that gives substance to those shared values.
  • A fully integrated approach to help solve many of the existing HR challenges in business and organisations today.
  • A consistent framework for designing, developing and implementing “The On-Purpose HR Service Model” so that everyone in the organisation, from the mail room to the board room, is ‘on the same page’.
  • How and organisation can advance its self-interest while enhancing shared interest (the humanity and welfare of its people and the community).
  • More loyal and committed employees and an increase in productivity and performance

If life were a race, what sort of race would it be? Are there winners and losers? Why are we in the race? Where is the finish line? What helps us to “compete and complete”? What markers keep us on track? How do we train? What happens if we “overtrain” Have we “won” already? What’s the purpose of it all anyway?

Building on the TV series “The Amazing Race”, Edward will use an interactive presentation to challenge, inspire, educate and encourage as we collectively make sense of our challenging and exciting lives within the context and metaphor of The…Race.

Putting “Tingle back into Technical”
If you want to know why you get out of bed each day and how to put some spice and tingle back into your work, then this is for you. This one hour address (also in a one day workshop) will redefine what it means to be a “TOP” Performer. While it is true that “top performers” work hard, deliver results and exceed expectations, there is something more to it. They understand what motivates them; use a Think Inc. mindset; adopt a method for creating TOP Performance and have learned how to gain and sustain a rich, full and meaningful life.

How to Lead Your Team – On-Purpose!
No leadership, no team. No team, no business! This talk will focus on how you can become a “TOP” Leader and a “TOP” Performer in your business and how to develop and lead a team of “TOP” Performers.
In this address Edward will redefine what it means to be a “TOP” Performer. While it is true that “top performers” work hard, deliver results and exceed expectations, there is something more to it. They are also motivated by the satisfaction that comes from being “on-purpose”. They understand how they fulfil the needs of others and love what they do. Be prepared to have your paradigm of business leadership and team building challenged through the Four Pillars of Meaning, Mindset, Method and Manner.

Is This as Good as it Gets?
Is your life filled yet unfulfilled? Are you pulled in a thousand different directions while you live up to other’s expectations? Would you like to have a clearer focus on the things that matter most? How would you like to reduce your stress levels and achieve peace of mind? Would you cope with life better if you could exchange confusion for clarity and burnout for balance? Do you know your purpose? Nothing is more powerful than knowing your purpose and living it out seven days a week. Be inspired to make sense of your life. As Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” This is a must hear if you are searching for work-life balance; want more meaning and purpose in your life and to become more emotionally robust and resilient.

Leading Your Self – On-Purpose (How do I make my Life Make Sense?)
If you really want to be successful in life and business, being on-purpose is essential. But you must learn to lead yourself to qualify for the right to lead others. Carl Jung said, “What an illusion to think you can change the world without first having changed yourself”. This talk will inform and inspire you to lead your life with intention, passion and purpose. You will learn about one of Australia’s best kept secrets – how to become an On-Purpose Person!

Examples of Businesses and Organisations in which Edward has been Guest Speaker

Australian Finance Group – National Conference Key Note Speaker SWAP (Sales with a Purpose) Speaking Tour of New Zealand for Chapters in Wellington, Palmerston North, Auckland and Rota Roura )
Neways International – State Conference – 3 occasions Nikken Wellness – Two Keynote Addresses at National Conference Sydney
Stainbusters Cleaning Systems – National Conference Key note Presenter Business Network International – National Conference Key Note Speaker, Cairns
MSIT – Keynote Speaker for Corporate Business Solutions Seminar Connecting Southern Gold Coast – Breakfast Address for Business on the Gold Coast
Records Management – Breakfast Speaker SWAP – Qld Two separate functions addresses
Upline Australia – After Dinner Address for National Conference The Open Learning Institute of TAFE – Two presentations on their BIG DAY OUT
Business Grow Seminar – Keynote Speaker for the Redlands Shire Council World Wide On-line – Keynote Speaker for National Conference
Green Dot Financial – Guest Speaker at Networking Function Toast Masters State Conference – After Dinner Address
Ten Talks on Leadership in City Talk Leadership Series Sensis – Yellow Pages – Key note speaker for Sensis Breakfasts at Bond University (2 Occasions and Townsville)
Langham’s Qld – Lead two day conference Numerous addresses for Community Groups and Associations such as Rotary, Lions, Church and networking groups
World Elders Gathering – Key note address to the opening of the conference of World Elders of the Mankind Project Usana International- Qld Branch

Other Personal and Professional Development Topics

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  • Babe – The On-Purpose Pig!
  • Burnout or Balance? : How to Manage Stress and Build Resilience in a Busy, Topysy Turvey World
  • Relationships – They Make or Break Me
  • What Leaders Expect from Followers
  • What Followers Expect from Leaders
  • How to Get Out of Your Own Way
  • Confrontation – The Thing No One Wants to Do
  • How to Identify and Develop your Most Appreciable Asset …People
  • Maintaining Perspective – The Thing we Most Often Forget
  • Get off the nail!
  • How to MAXIMIZE your Potential
  • The most important question in the World – Who am “I”?
  • How to build a long term sustainable business, double your profits and give you the lifestyle you dream about.