Being a TOP Performer Part 1 – Me Inc! or Me Stink!

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I have participated in a number of significant business forums recently.  These have included discussions on why customer service in our business community is below par, why business owners are reluctant to engage in training, mentoring and support and why employers and employees don’t seem to take responsibility for their future success.

Now I know this does not apply to you because if it did, you would not be reading this.

Whether you are a business owner, manager, team leader or team member your performance and the performance of your team is key to having a successful, profitable and fulfilling business or career.

This is the first of a series of articles/blogs on how to ensure a more positive mindset for both yourself and for your team.

Being a TOP Performer

One of the keys to you being a top performer is your mindset.  You can either Think Incorporated (Me Inc!) of have what is often called Stinking Thinking (Me Stink!)

The term “top performer” usually describes someone who works hard, delivers results and exceeds expectations.  Top performers excel in their careers and are sought after by industry-leading organisations.

But…They are also motivated by the satisfaction that comes from being “on-purpose” – they understand how they serve the needs of their customers or clients and they find meaning in what they do.

They take their job to the next level by thinking like the owner of an organisation. When you have this mindset you are a TOP (The On-Purpose) Performer.  I first came across the Think Inc! mindset from Kevin W McCarthy’s book The On-Purpose Business.

Me Inc! (or Think Inc!) is to do with “above the line thinking. You take ownership, accountability and responsibility for your thinking, feelings, attitudes and behaviours.

With a Me Stink! mindset you nearly always blame others, make excuses and are usually in denial about your thinking, feelings, attitudes and behaviours.

By contrast Me Inc! occurs when you begin assuming responsibility for your job as if it were your own business.  You are the CEO or the Master Franchisee.

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For example, if you are employed as a plumber, think like the owner of the business.  Pretend that this is Your company or that you are a plumbing consultant.  What advice would you give to your “client”?  If you are a receptionist, rather than say “Oh, I’m only a receptionist, with a ME INC! Mindset you “own” your own business.  You adopt the mindset of a PR consultant and act as if you were a receptionist consultant.  If you are working in the public service, you have your own business within the business. Would YOU hire you?

In my next blog on this subject I will explore in more detail the characteristics of Me Inc!/Think Inc! Mindset

Bye for now and be sure to ‘watch’ and observe your thinking and decision making over the coming week.

Dr Edward Gifford

CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Office) On-Purpose Partners

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