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Dr Edward Gifford

ford3 About Edward
Dr Edward Gifford is a professional coach, facilitator, speaker and author with over 35 years’ experience in education, consultancy and research. Since 2000, Edward has been running his own leadership and management consulting company in Queensland called On-Purpose Partners. A former Senior Lecturer in Education for 25 years, he brings “fresh eyes” and an enthusiastic approach to coaching, facilitating and training.

Edward is a professionally trained coach specialising in executive, career, workplace, and personal coaching. He is also a business adviser, mentor and coach. Edward’s consulting services include a focus on leadership development, strategic thinking, team building, workplace engagement and work-life integration. He is an accredited business mentor for the Qld Government with Small Business Solutions.

Edward is an experienced Public Speaker having presented over 50 key-notes and guest speaking addresses at conferences and professional association meetings. Edward consults to Trevor-Roberts Associates, People Net and WorkWare Solutions in Careers and Executive Coaching. His highly developed inter-personal skills, his enthusiasm, substantial experience and knowledge have significantly contributed to personal and organisational transformation.

Edward holds a PhD; Master of Arts (M.A); Master of Education (M.Ed.);Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Diploma of Education (Dip.Ed.), Diploma of Management; Cert. IV Training and Assessment and a Cert. IV in Coaching for Life and Business.

Edward’s expertise also includes working with a range of tools and models. These include:
MBTI; Profiles Check Point 360; TMS Linking Skills Profile 360; TMS Team Performance Profile; TMS Strategic Team Development Profile; Advanced Training in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training); and A variety of Coaching Models

About On-Purpose Partners

On-Purpose Partners, based on the Gold Coast was established in 1997. A leadership and management consultancy, On-Purpose Partners specializes in coaching, coach training, workshop facilitation; key note speaking and writing. They service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland and also engage with clients nationally and internationally.

On-Purpose Partners offers leadership and executive coaching, business mentoring and advice, strategic thinking facilitation, personal coaching and training workshops for individuals, business owners and for the corporate sector.

Together with its own proprietary products and services, On-Purpose Partners Pty Ltd has the Australasian license for On-Purpose Partners US. Their associates and strategic partners specialise in psychology, leadership, careers coaching, executive recruitment, business consulting, sales training and marketing. As Edward is also an approved Queensland Government Mentor, On-Purpose Partners can offer SME’s and the Corporate Sector highly subsidised Nationally Accredited Training and Mentoring Programs including the Diploma in Management, a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and a Certificate 3 in .

On-Purpose Partners Point of Difference

The On-Purpose® Leadership and Coaching Programs are the only ones of their kind in Australia. They are based on the Purpose Principle and along with the Four Pillars of an On-Purpose Business/Organization (Meaning, Mindset, Method, & Manner) create a unique and practical model that to optimize organizational and individual performance. Strong alignment between Purpose, Vision, Missions and Values is central to being On-Purpose. This powerfully engages teams, builds organizational and personal resilience focuses everyone on the ‘same page’ resulting in enhanced performance, increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Edward’s point of difference is also in his development and implementation of a number of highly acclaimed leadership and coaching products.

These include:

  • The Manager as Leader-Coach (2 day workshop)
  • Executive Career Move Coaching Program (16 hrs Executive Careers Coaching)
  • The On-Purpose Personal Leadership and Coaching Program (12 sessions)
  • Developing Coaching Competence and Confidence (70hr coach training program)
  • The Power of Your Purpose Workshop (1 day workshop)
  • The On-Purpose HR Strategy Framework (1 day workshop or coaching)
  • The On-Purpose Business and Strategic Thinking Workshops and Coaching Program
  • The TOP (The On-Purpose) Performer Workshop (1 day workshop)

The programs also have a values based approach which ensures that organisations and individuals are taken beyond goal setting to developing a strong integral inner core.

Proven Value

Here are examples of how Edward’s expertise has impacted on the success of both Multi-national and small business owners.

Leadership Example
Edward coached a senior executive in the world’s largest automobile organisation to build leadership capacity and capability. Using the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and a range of coaching tools and coach training, positive outcomes included the executive coaching his own team which in turn led to his team coaching over 40 Dealer Principals and Senior Sales Managers. Over 18 months a culture of “head kicking” was transformed to a coaching culture which also saw major improvements in profitability and performance with Qld being the #1 National Performer. Level of leadership capability was included as a new KPI within his team!

Management Example
Edward led a team of 22 managers and team leaders over a four day workshop in strategic thinking and business planning. This included, engaging of key stakeholders, development and application of a business planning diagnostic delivered pre and post, the development of tailored workbooks, facilitation over four days and extensive documentation and follow-up. This resulted in a Business and Operational Plan for the whole organisation and aligned Business and Operational Plans for each of the six Departments.

Business Development, Mentoring and Training
Edward has worked with over 200 SME’s and their managers to help set strategic direction, engage staff, align teams to the strategic direction of the organisation and build leadership capacity with middle managers. He facilitated the writing of a business plan for every business. Each participant gained either a Certificate IV in Small Business Management or a Diploma of Management.

Executive Coaching Example
Edward coached a Managing Director over 12 months in a quickly growing technology organisation (They went from 14 to 62 staff in two years) to set strategic direction, build leadership capacity, develop business plan and align the R&D, Manufacturing, Admin, Sales and Distribution Teams to the goals of the organisation. Throughout this period the organisation went from near liquidation to winning major national and international defence contracts. Other reported benefits were greater confidence in leading the team, more team cohesion, greater alignment to the Purpose and Vision of the company, smoother operations and increased profitability.

Why Choose On-Purpose Partners?

Working with On-Purpose Partners will help your business/ organisation to:

  • Improve performance, profitability and purpose by ‘getting everyone on the same page’.
  • Review your strategic direction ensuring your business is secure and profitable in uncertain times.
  • Gain clarity about moving your business to the next level and confidence to implement your vision and strategy.
  • Learn how to get the business and team on-track and on-purpose. This saves time, makes work easier and more enjoyable and reduces stress.
  • Maintain perspective, re-energise your vision and reconnect you with your core purpose and values. Your daily work and passion will be directed towards meaningful and satisfying work, resulting in an engaged and focussed team and increased cash flow and profitability.

What Edward Is Looking For

SME’s who are seeking to take their business to the next level by improving their productivity, profitability and performance of their people through:

  • Clarifying their Purpose;
  • Developing their Plan (Financial, Marketing, Operational and Strategic); Engaging and Motivating their people to take ownership and responsibility;
  • Improve their Processes and Systems
  • Optimising performance through clear and achievable KPI’s and develop long term partnerships with key stakeholder’s including external and internal customers.

Corporate companies who are seeking to build the leadership capacity and capability of their managers by:

  • Strengthening leadership gaps (including competency gaps, attitude gaps, thinking or mental infrastructure gaps) identified in Learning and Development Plans
  • Leading the implementation and review the current strategic and operational plans within the organisation to ensure integration and achievement of objectives
  • Developing interpersonal skills to improve management skills and engaging clients better through trust relationships
  • Accelerating and achieving KPI’s to improve productivity and performance
  • Improving communication to increase the relationship capital between staff and teams
  • Working more productively and cooperatively with direct reports, co-workers and teams implementing new strategies

Individuals who are seeking:

  • Greater personal and professional fulfillment in their careers
  • To live in alignment with their Life Purpose, Visions and Values
  • To be On-Purpose in Life and Work

Key note and supporting speaking engagements at:

  • Conferences,
  • Association Meetings and
  • Business Networking Functions

People Edward Would Like to Connect With

  • Senior HR Manages and CEO’s of organisations who are known as employers of choice
  • Corporates – CEO’s and HR Managers – seeking to build leadership capacity and capability in their organisations
  • Medium sized businesses seeking leadership and management training as well as outplacement and career transition support
  • Professional and Industry Associations – that support SME’s (e.g. Services and manufacturing)
  • CEO’s of NGO’s (not for profit organisations) seeking assistance in strategic planning and building leadership management, career transition and career outplacement.
  • Recruiters who have a large data base and seeking assistance with career development and career transition
  • Government Agencies seeking to build leadership capacity and capability in their organisations
  • Organisations seeking key note conference speaker or personal development workshops and seminars.
  • Professional organisations and networks seeking guest speakers for networking events and after dinner addresses

Contacts In Edward’s Network

  • Numerous micro and small business owners in the services and manufacturing industries
  • GM’s of SME business
  • CEO’s and GM’s of national HR organisations, Recruitment Services and NGO’s
  • Specialists in Outplacement and Career Transition
  • Large network of coaches, trainers and facilitators specialising in business, exectutive, life and careers coaching
  • Psychologist, Counsellors specialising in working with Men and their families
  • Networking specialists and facilitators