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Dear Edward, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me today, I appreciated your insights, openess, wisdom and unique process. You have a true gift for engaging with people and assisting them to develop greater self awarenes of their purpose and its relevance within the greater scheme of life, you should be extremely proud of your work! I will endeavour to apply what you have taught me as I
move forward with my career transition.”

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Graeme Smith Regional Manager Queensland at Binder Group


“Edward is one of those exceptionally high valued professionals who truly “walk the talk”. His knowledge, wisdom and ability to “ignite enthusiasm” have been invaluable to me. As a coach, he has incredible insight and an uncanny ability to “read between the lines” getting to the heart of an issue quickly – never giving you the solution but rather walks alongside you on the journey in living an On-Purpose Life! Without a doubt, he is a must-have for your network and I feel grateful to have built a relationship with him over the years.”

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Kristine BerryDirector at Peopleconnexion Recruitment


“Edward, brings contagious enthusiasm and professionalism to every meeting, coaching session, training workshop or speech he conducts. He is an individual that goes beyond what is called of him as he challenges people to think beyond their current boundaries. He is highly recommended and great bloke to boot!”

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Ross MacMahonCEO at MacMahon


“Hi Edward, I want to express to you my thanks for both the personal and professional interest you took in me, which was a major contributing factor in me deciding to pursue a life that is more ‘on-purpose’ with my goals. I feel that this change in career is going to allow me to live more closely to how I want to live, and that all the things that are important to me, in each of the seven life accounts, will be realized, one by one. My purpose “Maximising Opportunity” has helped me to measure everything I do against a yardstick. I now always ask myself “Am I getting maximum value out of each thing I do/am?” These two words keep me on track in everything that I do and be.”
– (Darren Baker, Australian Federal Police)



“Edward’s knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for this subject are absolutely inspirational. In just a short time, it’s given me clarity for many years to come.”
Gary Rigby



“Thank you for “The On-Purpose Person Program.” We went with mixed feelings, as both of us are trainers, motivators and mentors, and have been to many seminars that gave us little and left us feeling that we had been robbed. Yours was a refreshing change. Your easy going style, your honesty and integrity and the course content quickly had us participating fully and openly. You have given us the tools and the skills which we will continue to use in our lives and in our business.”
David and Alma, Directors, Alanda Consulting Services.



“As I was participating in this mentoring program I found myself thinking of my friends and my clients – they must do this program! This course has provoked in me a new outlook for my life, in particular, who I really am and what is truly my Purpose in life (which has always been a mystery to me). I now feel special, unique and empowered.”
Corinna Reeves – TMP Worldwide



“The On-Purpose process is the major tool I use in my own life and business to do more of what I do best more profitably. I am now introducing my clients to the On-Purpose principles and am amazed at their enthusiastic response and application in clarifying their personal and business purposes. It’s exciting to see them suddenly realise how much more fun life and business can be.”
Steve Wanmer, Business Coach of the Year Action International



“Brilliant! This needs to be running at every church, school, university and workplace on the planet. Today has been a key milestone and I know that in years to come I will point to today as the catalyst for change and action – towards my Purpose!”
Aaron Trevis, Managing Director Provision Engineers, Recruitment Firm



“Throughout my life journey there have been moments of true enlightenment that have helped move me “fast forward”. One of these was when I attended an On-Purpose workshop run by Dr Edward Gifford. At the start at the workshop I thought “I’ve done all this before, why am I here?”, but little did I know. As I listened and did the exercises, I started to get the feeling of anticipation but then I experienced a block as I tried to uncover the true Purpose of my life. With sensitive and insightful questioning, Edward came alongside and suddenly, there was my life Purpose. Not a long mission or vision statement! No lengthy text! – Just two words. As I spoke them out my spirit soared and I knew they were right.
Since then, these two words have helped keep me on track at home, within my Christian family and especially at work. Knowing my life’s Purpose has been really important in the workplace where, at times, there is negativity, uncertainty and power plays. Sometimes at meetings I find myself getting “sucked in” to the games and when I do repeat those two special words – “Lifting Spirit”, everything changes for me and for those around me.What a difference a day makes! ”
Bet Gaunt PR Manager Blood Bank



“The On-Purpose programs are significantly different to any other program or seminar I have attended. It enabled us as a group of leaders to be taken to new levels, to see greater possibilities and formulate specific plans to get there. It will challenge and bring about a new focus in continuing to make your work and life make sense. The investment in terms of time, money and energy will bring about huge returns for a lifetime of being On-Purpose. Edward and Angela Gifford may well possess one of the most valuable and best-kept “secret investments” in Australia.”
Paul Lanham, Director, Lanhams



“Edward is worth is weight in gold. I learned so much about our small business and where it can go in the future. Edward is experienced in life and business beyond words. His On-Purpose teachings were inspirational. I would recommend Edward highly. He is a trustworthy, loyal and genuine Mentor.”
(Michelle Williams Aluminium Seating Specialists)



“In 2004, Edward introduced me to the On Purpose Business … which I successfully used to create a charity and operate for 5 years before handing it over to new directors. The concept of the on purpose person and business has positively shaped my life since 2004. Recently, I was delighted to discover I had an opportunity to learn from Edward … I didn’t hesitate and travelled from Warwick to the Gold Coast to attend the five evening workshops that Edward ran over a two week period. I have greatly benefited from his wisdom and business knowledge at a key phase of my expanding business. Edward’s input has been much appreciated and very valued. Thank you Edward.”
(Julie Lewin, May 2012)



“Edward is a specialist at realisation. Instead of telling me what a business like mine needed, he took the time to work with me to explore the individual needs of my business and dig into my conscience for the answers. The result has been a realisation for me of the direction required for my business. Thank you Edward.”
Andy McDermott Director Publicious Pty Ltd, May 2012



“Dr Edward Gifford has a unique way of teaching with a personal style that ensures that the wisdom and relevant knowledge is sown in the heart and mind of each participant, enabling them to move forward as they appropriate this new information. He really cares about people and where they are going in life. 10/10!”
(Leah Rossi, Leah Rossi Consulting)



“Edward gives of himself to an amazing degree. To hear his personal stories of his business as well as enjoy his facilitation skills was a tremendous experience and a privilege.”
(Meredith Yardley, Meredian21)



“Edward Gifford was an exceptional facilitator and mentor/coach. He took the time to understand our business and in delivery the content ensured everyone’s unique business considerations were integrated. The one-on-one was an incredible and exceptional extension of the usual program you may go to at a private provider. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Thanks so much for offering this program”
(Louise D’Allura, (Revamp Professional Organisers)



“Edward, thank you again so much for the remarkable impact that your program has ignited within me … your delivery style, wisdom and passion made the whole experience very inspirational whilst at the same time you specifically targeted the actions required for us all to take our businesses to the next level and beyond! … such a valuable program for all small business owners.”
Annie Dardir, Potential Plus Group



“I would like to thank you Edward for your assistance in bringing Purpose and clarity to our business. I was dazed and confused but mostly dazed after workshop 1 and now as I sit here on the fifth night I feel excited – like I have found the “road” again. Thanks Edward”
Jessica Fitzgerald 2Gen Pty Ltd



“Edward cuts to the chase, he inspires greater thinking with quiet, gentle stimulus with the power of a steam train!”
(Clive Pickering, Australian Business Inspirators Association Inc.)



“Prior to the workshop program my business had little to no purpose, no goals and worst of all no vision. Just days into the program I had my finances sorted, a Purpose, a vision and a path to grow my business to the next level. 5150 studios is now “Igniting Difference”. We had a vision but just didn’t know it! ”
Mick Davies, 5150 Studios



“Before coming to Edward’s workshops I had grand ideas and not much understanding on the “how to”. Edward’s passion and enthusiasm helps individuals and small businesses grow financially, professionally and spiritually. Thanks Edward for your invaluable insight. I look forward to reading your book.”
Kellie McLaughlin Works UK



“I knew our business was lacking in efficiency but not sure why. I can now pin point areas of improvement and have made goals and created systems to implement change. These goals are not only financial, but how to achieve a balanced working/family life – information that will stay with me for a life time. My mind is clear with a Purpose. It’s only onwards and upwards from here.”
Julie Finlayson, The Finlaysons I-T



“Edward, before taking this program I had a chaotic whirlpool of ideas crashing around inside my head. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. I thought I knew what I was doing. Your program and your guidance have proved to be priceless. I now have complete clarity. I have a focus, a vision and a Purpose. I have huge excitement for the future of Hindsight Now. I have identified what I need to spend more time on and where I need to outsource expertise. Many thanks”
(Mark San Martin, Hindsight Now)



“I have appreciated Edward’s supportive attitude and his professional knowledge and skills. Doing my first business plan and learning about the various aspects required in planning and managing an effective growing business has been an amazing learning experience. Edward’s mentoring is effective, supportive and insightful and much appreciated. He is “Powering On-Purpose”
Mary Ellen Worth, Temple Tantra Prana



“After spending a few weeks with Edward Gifford and other Business Owners I found I am more focused, driven and most importantly working smarter, faster & achieving more. Edward was the final piece in a puzzle of a journey of refocus, turning my life from severe depression to now Loving Life, Work and living with passion again helping our customers, team & business. I even have the drive to start a new Business Baby – something Fun, Creative & Exciting! Thanks Edward for your kind but direct coaching style. That is what I needed and why I sought you out!”
(Samantha Messina, SWAT Pest Control)



“Edward Gifford is not only intelligent, business savvy and inspirational, he is also passionately shares his heart. Attending Edward’s workshops was the best thing I have done thus far in my 6 years in business. I highly recommend all start up business’s, existing and mature business people enrol in Edward’s workshops. You will be encouraged to not only learn imperative business essentials but also to discover your true Purpose which will drive you to grow with passion.”
Simone Ryan (Moneybag Finance)



“I would highly recommend Edward’s mentoring skills for anyone in business or contemplating going into business. Edward has a great ability to help people understand their intrinsic values, beliefs and importantly the “real” reason “why” they are in business. Edward has an organic approach to creating a holistic work/ life balance while implementing strategies to achieve the desired goals. I look forward to working with Edward again in the near future”.
(Louise Carr, Principal Nacura Property Solutions)



“Having been in business for around 10 years helping other companies build their business and brands, it has been sometime since I have actually taken a look at my own business and its direction. When the opportunity popped up for the workshops run by Edward I jumped at it. Not knowing what to expect I was immediately impressed by the professionalism shown by Edward. The small group environment allowed for targeted discussion amongst the group and the learning process and deliverability of the information was easy to digest. The workshop has given me a new found direction for my business and provided me with the necessary foundation that had previously been lacking. Many thanks to Edward for his patience and his genuine approach to assisting us in our goals in business and life.”
(Matt Ascough, Creative Director M2Media)



“I recently completed a small business mentoring program with Edward and it was the most enjoyable learning experience I have ever had. He made learning fun and the interaction with the small and intimate class made it a perfect way to express ideas and learn from each other. I learnt so much about building a small business and I believe this will help me take it to the next level.”
(Talei O’Keefe, Fit’n Fab Mamas)



“Hi Edward, I just wanted to say thank-you for reinvigorating my passion for building my small business further. Your energy is infectious and your 3 hour mentoring session got me to a point I had been struggling to achieve for 12months! As a management consultant advising large corporates, the course enabled me to focus on my business. I harnessed your words of wisdom and now have a clear vision, mission, and most importantly PURPOSE! I would thoroughly recommend your course for any small business owner and more importantly for anyone starting their small business.
Look out for my company name on the “BRW Fast 100” list…”
Bernadette Wicks,
Managing Director
The Advisory Hub PTY LTD



“Thank you again for the fantastic, informative and very helpful few weeks in mentoring us through this course. You have inspired me and helped me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I have a much clearer picture of where I am going with my business now and I have you to thank for that. So, thank you very much, and I hope to be able to keep in touch to share my wins with you.”
Makaela Moore
Business Owner/Consultant
Makaela Moore Workplace Consulting



“Edward gets you focused on the things that count when it comes to running a business. Some wonderful business tips and ideas that I am using already ….every small business owner should take up the opportunity to attend his workshop and mentoring program, outstanding value.”
Mike Donohue, Director
MF & DM Donohue Pty Ltd trading as WealthNext



“The Small Business Management course was invaluable for what I learned as well as spending focused time on my business. I particularly enjoyed the one-on-one time with Edward and the tips and tricks I learned throughout the course. I thoroughly recommend it for people new to small business and to those who want to get a new perspective on their existing business.”
Cassandra Russell, Cass Russell Consulting Pty Ltd



“Edward Gifford is a natural mentor and teacher. His presentation and energy is inspiring.”
Minnie Tilyard, IC Icons Pty Ltd



“An exceptionally good value for money experience! I have learned many new things that I can put into practice. Edward was a most generous facilitator. ”
Lisa McKellar, Elizabeth McKellar Consulting



“Edward made the training fun, easy to follow and his willingness to engage you completely is amazing”
Ailsa Bickerstaff, Kustom Fabrication Pty Ltd



“Edward was outstanding in his knowledge and made a huge difference to my confidence in making my business work.”
Patricia Perry, JIP Systems.



“Every second spent with Edward was productive and directly relevant to my business. I would thoroughly recommend this program to all small businesses. ”
Mathew Davis,
Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology



“A fantastic opportunity for me and the business and great mentoring and ideas.”
Leeann Milne You Select Recruitment.



“Edward Gifford exudes knowledge and excitement in his work and wishes nothing more than his students to have the same for and success in their business. Well planned train of thoughts and able to be implemented in any business. I will highly recommend and do any other course he may offer.”
Rina Cavazza, Director, ACCA Development P/L



“Thank you so much for the business mentoring course Edward. I learnt so much. It was incredible and I haven’t been able to say that for a very long time from a workshop/seminar. You were funny and informative and explained everything so simply that someone with no knowledge of business and marketing understood, and know I can work out my direction and frameworks for growth.”
Leeann Milne, Manager, You Select Recruitment



“As a new small business owner I was unsure about how to market my coaching services to individuals, confused about my budget and lacked confidence. When I first met Edward I was impressed by his knowledge, enthusiasm and style! Through his course and one-on-one mentoring sessions I gained invaluable insight into how I can successfully manage my own business. Within 9 months I have built a 40+ strong client base, created two additional income streams from networking and am publishing my first e-book in October! The tools, support and advice that Edward provided has also transitioned into achieving my first financial goal – a comfortable net profit – which I did not think was possible! I am very excited about how my business is growing. Thank you Edward for giving me confidence to take that next big step!”
Julie Street, Life Path Career Coaching